Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the school teaching philosophy?

It is the goal of the school to encourage the personal growth of the whole child by instilling Christian values into their daily educational experience. Through lessons focusing on respect, generosity, compassion, kindness and responsibility, we prepare our students for the challenge of making difficult decisions and standing up to peer pressure.


2. Is LCS an accredited school? 

Lighthouse Christian School has been fully accredited by the Association of Independent Schools of Florida since 2009.


3. What is the experience of the faculty?

Our existing faculty has over 100 years experience in education and hold the credentials required by our accrediting agency and school board.  They are an enthusiastic and caring group of teachers who excel in both educating and nurturing the students of LCS.


4. What are the tuition fees and what are our financial obligations?

Please see the enclosed fee schedule for a complete overview of tuition, fees, and requirements for the annual fundraisers.


5. What are the requirements for the parents?

Parents are required to donate 10 hours of volunteer time and a minimum in donations to the school for our fundraising events (Please see the enclosed fee schedule for a complete overview of requirements for the annual fundraisers). Of course, we encourage the parents to volunteer their time and talents in the classrooms throughout the school year. Parents are also expected to be active members of our Parent Teacher League. Parents are asked to contribute to the Annual Fund which secures funding for the future of the school.


6. Where do the students have PE?

Kindergarten and First grade have PE on campus. Second grade starts the year on campus and in January they have organized PE at Frank McDonough Park and are transferred to the park in the LCS school vehicle. Third through Eighth grade begin the year with organized PE at Frank McDonough Park.  We have received permission from the City of Lighthouse Point to utilize the park for our PE program. 


7. What curriculum does the school follow?

Lighthouse Christian School follows National as well as Common Core Standards when developing curriculum.  The goal is to meet or exceed their guidelines by providing challenging yet creative instruction.  Textbooks are provided by well known publishers such as ABeka, Harcourt Brace, Rowland Reading Foundation, Sadlier, Prentice Hall and Positive Action. The staff supplements the curriculum with innovative ideas and methodology in order to provide a quality education for each and every student.


8. What is the class size?

The maximum class sizes are as follows: Kindergarten- 16 students; Grades 1 and 2- 18 students; Grades 3-8- 20 students.


9. Do you have assistants in the classroom?

Depending on enrollment, an assistant may be placed in grades K-3.


10. How is religion integrated into the classroom?

Religion is integrated into the daily curriculum and is also taught as an individual subject.  The LCS family gathers weekly in the sanctuary of the Church to celebrate God’s love in music, verse and lesson.


11. What are Specials?

During the course of their school day the students participate in Physical Education, Spanish, Art, Library/Media and Music as their enrichments.  Computer instruction is provided by the classroom teachers who integrate instruction into their core curriculum.


12. Field trips?

Field trips are an integral part of the learning experience at LCS and will be planned to enrich the lessons throughout the school year.  Experiences include a three day trip to Marine Lab for grade five as well as other regional and local trips.


13. Do you provide hot lunches?

The school provides daily hot lunches for the children.  At the beginning of each month, families review the menu on line and determine which days the child would like to order lunch.  Payment is made on a monthly basis.


14. Will there be a sports program for the middle school children?  Which sports will be offered and when will they be available?

The after school sports program consists of Co-ed Soccer in the Fall and Co-ed Tennis in the Spring.  Both teams are for students in grades 5-8.  Teams compete against other private schools in the area.


15. Do you have an aftercare program?  What age can the students attend and what is the cost?

We currently serve both LCS and Norcrest Elementary.  We provide a loving atmosphere for students in a safe and secure environment. The afterschool care program accepts students on a monthly or a daily drop in basis.  A yearly calendar is provided.


16. What are the extracurricular programs available?

LCS has a varied and evolving after school enrichment program.  Current offerings include: Choir, Piano, Voice, Mind Lab, Art Clubs, French, Drama, Little Chefs and Gymnastics.  We are always willing to explore new and exciting enrichments for the benefit of our children.


17. Do you plan on expanding the school?

We can accommodate a maximum of 250 students in grades K through 8.  At this time there are no plans to expand the existing campus.


18. What is the relationship between Imagination Station Preschool and LCS?

Both schools are ministries of First Presbyterian Church and were founded on the same Christian philosophy and beliefs. The schools operate independently; however, from time to time the students of each school will interact with each other to enhance their collective learning experiences. When able, we also coordinate drop off and pick up of siblings attending both schools.


19. What can you tell me about the Presbyterian religion?

Presbyterians affirm the sovereignty of God, the authority of Scripture, the covenant relationship between God and humankind; that we are sinful people who are saved by the grace of God, and that we have responsibility as stewards of the gifts God has given to us.  We are a connectional church, governed by elected officers, and connected to the church nationally and globally.  Regardless of your background, when you bring children to our church and school, they will learn that God loves them, no matter what!


20. What is the relationship between the church and the school?

As one of its ministries, we believe in the mission of the First Presbyterian Church of Pompano Beach, which states that we welcome all people, strive to follow Christ and help each other grow in the love of God.  The operation of the school and the establishment of school policy are overseen by the School Board, which is appointed by the Session, the church's governing body.  The School Board establishes the school's policies and procedures and hires the staff.  The members of the Board are required to be members of the church and/or and the chairperson shall be a member of the church Session.