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The Advantages of a Christian Education

Education is such an important part of growing up and supporting that growth through strong Christian values creates confident, accomplished and well rounded children.   Your child willspend more time in school under the influence of teachers and friends than any other single environment, perhaps even more than at home, so you want to be sure the school you select will fill your family’s needs.

Parents who value education emphasize it throughout a child’s life. It helps a child learn his youthful priorities, become organized and begin good work habits early. When you select a pre-school, elementary school or any educational facility for your children, be certain that the school’s teaching and discipline techniques, along with their value systems, are similar to yours. 


From elementary school through high school, it is important that the institutions children attend offer a variety of activities for development of diversified skills. Enrichment classes such as choir, art appreciation, drama, sports, band, orchestra and community service projects, in conjunction with academics, build character and help children to round out their life skills and personalities.  Adding a relational component with God and Jesus, when presented with love and support rather than guilt or fear, will also help to give children the strength and personal fortitude needed to avoid many of the common behavioral pressures experienced in public or non-denominational schools today. 


As educators and parents, The Schools of the Pink Church understand and address the concerns of the parent.  And, since no child is ever alike, we are proud of the fact that we are able to create an individually tailored curriculum coupled with a low student/teacher ratio, that enables us to decipher and meet each child's educational needs.   

If you want to reconsider your child's school, or simply come in to visit ours, our doors are open every day and we will be happy to give you a tour of the facility.  You will see the love and encouragement we bestow on the children in each and every classroom. 


Our Philosophy

Academic excellence is the focus.
LCS believes that to achieve academically, it is important to develop the skills and character of its students individually.

In addition, it is the goal
of teachers and staff to encourage the whole child by infusing Christian values
into an individually tailored curriculum. 

Maintaining a low student/teacher ratio is the key to deciphering and
meeting each student’s educational needs.